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August 28, 2005

Bush Praises Sunni Rejection as ‘Compromise’

by Acedtect

President Bush(WASHINGTON) – As Sunnis flatly rejected a draft of the Iraqi consitution, President Bush blazed more new ground in logic by praising the rejection as a great compromise.

The President slid partway toward traditional logic when he admitted some Sunnis may not agree with the constitution they oppose. “Some Sunnis expressed reservations about provisions of the constitution,” admitted the President in a moment of logical weakness.

Meanwhile Sunnis remained rooted in primitive honesty.

“We declare that we don’t agree and we reject the articles that were mentioned in the draft and we did not reach consensus on them in what makes the draft illegitimate,” they said in a statement read by Abdul-Nasser al-Janabi.

If the Sunnis excercise their veto over the constitution, professional logicians are expecting a major advance in logic from the President.

“We expect President Bush to hail any Veto as either a ‘great victory’ or ‘amazing progress’.” Said SuBBrilliant University logician Michael Smithson. “But he may suprise us with an even bolder conclusion.”

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