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September 1, 2005

Creation scientists ignore ‘creation astronomy’

by Acedtect

space(CAMBRIDGE, MASS.) – Creation scientists who support the theory of ‘intelligent design’ to explain the evolution of species, are being taken to task for failing to build up the discipline of creation astronomy.

“I challenege any scientist to prove that the universe evolved from small condensed point of matter in some sort of big bang,” said SuBBrilliant University special research scientist Phil Ufkrappe. “The theory that the stars were placed in the sky by some sort of intelligent design is not being given a fair voice.”

Cosmologists believe the ‘big bang’ or something like it caused the expansion of matter throughout the universe. That matter eventually cooled and formed stars and planets.

“Their theory is full of holes. They point to the cosmic microwave background radiation as proof, but they can’t explain the irregularities in the field that by their OWN THEORY should be smooth. Children should be exposed to the alternative theory that burning globes of crystal were placed fixedly in the heavens by design, ” said Ufkrappe.

SuBBrilliant scientists are also working on exposing holes in whole fields of medical theory.

“That anyone gets healthy after medical treatment is pure luck. We have accumulated all kinds of evidence to expose the conspiracy being perpetrated upon the populace by the medical industry. No cures are even claimed for such diseases as common as the cold all the way to cancer. Plus by the admission of their OWN RESEARCH, often giving nothing but a pill of sugar is as effective as their so-called ‘medicines. We’re very close to being able to show that sick people get better through some sort of intelligent design,” stated Ufkrappe.

Work to expand the intelligent design theories is expected to expose gravity, photoelectrodynamics, and even meteorology.

“We’re fairly certain that if you can come up with a sound scientific theory that we can show that the phenomenon is just as adequately explained by intelligent design,” said Ufkrappe.

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