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October 29, 2005

God Suing Christians

by Acedtect

gavel image(HEAVEN) – Lawyers for God have announced they plan a lawsuit against several Christian groups over copyright violation.

Under current copyright law, the unauthorized use of divine inspiration is a violation of the law. The lawyers say they are gathering evidence from several church sermons and will bring a suit once proper jursdiction is determined.

“We could use the judgement of heaven,” said one lawyer, “but aside form the apparent conflict of interest, transporting witnesses is sort of a one-way trip.”

God did not appear at the announcement but his representative, Archangel Michael, read from a prepared statement.

“All this rubbish about what I created and when and what my will is, has gotten far out of hand. I’ve already brought one suit for defamation but the punishment for that is pretty weak. Thankfully copyright law violation brings punishment worse than murder.”

Defendants have not been named but several church leaders have claimed they will not be targeted.

“Whatever helps them sleep at night,” said one lawyer.

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