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January 28, 2006

President just trying to be a ‘good listener’

by Acedtect

(WASHINGTON) Scott MclellanThe President of the United States just wants to make sure he’s “hearing what everyone’s saying,” said a press spokesperson answering questions about the US warrantless phone-tapping issue.

“First and foremost the President doesn’t need a warrant to spy on anyone, as long as we’re in a state of war. And a state of war does not need either a declaration of war, or a well-defined enemy,” said the spokesperson.
“Second I think the President is tired, I think we’re all tired, and the American people certainly are tired, of hearing the media focus on the negatives of warrantless spying. A lot of positives go entirely uncovered by the major media.

“The President knows that in the course of spying on very specific dangerous terrorist targets, we may hear some things not related to terrorism. And that’s good! The President values his connection with the American people. How can knowing a little bit more about what they’re thinking, what their daily lives are like, how can that be bad?

“The President just wants to be a good listener. I think that’s patriotic,” the spokesperson summed up.

The Bush administration does not believe all Americans would mind being spied on with or without a court order.

“We have the feeling, that most freedom-loving Americans would feel more secure knowing the President, and the brave fighting men and women, were out there listening and caring,” responded the spokesperson. “Far from fearing an erosion of civil liberties, we think that most people feel comforted by this.”

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