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December 31, 2007

Outside gets a big boost from writer’s strike

by Acedtect

(Hollywood) As the Writer’s Guild Association strike wears on, more than just reality shows are reaping the benefits.

Outside has told reporters that it’s seen a huge boost in interest and expects it to become even greater in the new year.

A spokesperson for outside noted that their 60-year slide in usage may finally turning around.

“Ever since television, and especially color television, we’ve seen steep drops in interest each year,” said the spokesperson. Our partnership with the publishing industry to ‘go outside and read a book’ has largely proved ineffective. This strike is the best news for us since Jack Paar got kicked off the Tonight Show.”

Across the board increases in such categories as “taking a walk”, “leaving the house” and even “sitting on the stoop” have encouraged officials of outside.

But critics say the gains may be short-lived.

Don Rovdak of the American Institute of Scientific Studies believes the benefits may be temporary.

“Not only will the strike not last forever,” said Rovdak, “But things like video games and the World Wide Web aren’t going on strike. These are more likely alternatives for people than Outside.”

Previously top outside officials pinned their hopes on global warming to make going outside more attractive.

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