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July 17, 2008

Fan demands popular show stop talking about popular things

by Acedtect

LOS ANGELES – Alex Smith of West Covina loves his favorite news talk show, except when they talk about news.

“First it was the primary election.  They just wouldn’t shut up about it.  Then the housing market.  Now they’re back on the election again.  And they never let go of the economy.”

Alex has started a protest group to stop the show from conitnuing to talk about the most popular topics of the day.

“There’s more going on out there than just elections and economy. Why not talk about bond issues? Or what about traffic problems?”

some analysts point out that the topics Alex proposes may be considered boring by the show’s other listeners, but that hasn’t deterred the protest from going forward.

“I’ sick of hearing about gas prices.  If they talk about gas prices one more time, I’m going to drop them for good. And I’ll keep checking to make sure they haven’t stopped!”

Meanwhile the show’s hosts say they can’t talk about things that aren’t news, and won’t talk about things the majority fo the audience isn’t interested in.

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