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August 10, 2005

NASA Ready to Trade In

by Acedtect

Some would like NASA to cruise around in this(HUNTSVILLE, AL) – Tired of the constant repairs, and the nagging that goes along with it, NASA announced today they’re looking to trade-in their old shuttles for newer models.

“We like working on the shuttles, it’s kind of therapeautic,” said Michael D. Griffin. “It’s especially great on weekends. Gets us out of the house. But lately it just seems like it’s all upkeep. And we never hear the end of it.”

NASA is being pressured to finally plunk down for a new model like the Black Horse, but is resisting the idea, pointing out how much depreciation sets in the minute you roll a space vehicle out of the showroom.

“I’ve got a line on a great deal on an old Buran,” said Griffin.

Those favoring the new vehicles fear a pre-owned space vehicle will have just as many problems as the current shuttles, especially considering the lack of reliable historys such as gives to car-buyers.

But both sides agree that it’s better to look for options now, than wait until they’ve run their old vehicle into the ground with no resale value at all.

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