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January 24, 2009

Agnostics possibly angry about Obama snub

by Acedtect

CHICAGO – While moderates, Christians, Hindus, and even atheists reveled in the inclusive nature of President Obama’s inaugural address, one group feels left out in the cold.

“We want recognition, rights, and we want them now. Probably,” said agnostic minister Pete Handsworn at a rally here Friday night.

Over 50 people gathered in Grant Park to protest what they feel was a Presidential snub.

In his address on Tuesday, President Obama acknowledged Christians, Muslims, Hindus and even, significantly, “those who do not believe”.

“So you throw a bone to the atheists but leave us to fend for ourselves,” said handsworn, “We’re not sure how we feel about that.”

The agnostics would have preferred Obama say “And those who do not believe or are not sure whether they believe or not.”

Signs at the rally expressed the group’s feelings. Placards bore the slogans “We’re here, we’re agnostic, at least for now!” “Obama may have forgotten us!” “Uncertain Rigths!” and “We demand inclusion if possible!”

Although Handsworn tended to speak most for the group, an official leader had not yet been chosen for the movement. “We’re holding off until we get more information about each other,” said one participant who was unsure whether to give her name.

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